The maids are still seething

The Eifel volcanoes: resting but still alive

The three Dauner Maare in the Eifel (Gem ndener, Weinfelder, Schalkenmehrener) Martin Schildgen / GFDL
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Today, the Eifel is an idyllic landscape of hills and lakes. But the underground is seething: Just a few thousand years ago, volcanoes here lava lava and hot steam. But this volcanism is not dead - it just rests ...

The Eifel volcanoes are known worldwide and of great importance to geoscientists. Since the founding of the "Vulkaneifel European Geopark" the volcanoes have become an attraction for tourists. Visitors from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands are increasingly admiring the geological treasures that have long been used only by the building materials industry. The geosciences and fascination of the earth's mighty power are now a popular topic.

There are many questions coming from the new geo-tourists as well as the inhabitants of the region: In particular, they want to know if the volcanic field is extinct or is only in a resting phase. And if further outbreaks are possible, a whole series of further questions follow: where will it start? What will an eruption look like? Will she be tall or short? Is the disaster scenario in the book "The Flight of the Ants" realistic?

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Alan B. Woodland and Cliff SJ Shaw / Research Frankfurt
As of: 13.03.2009