Forgotten heroes

Pioneers of high mountain research

Forgotten heroes BAW / Asenhuber / DAV / Fam.Schlagintweit
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Do you know the brothers Schlagintweit? Or Willy Merkl? What does Rickmer Rickmers have to do with high mountains? According to Alexander von Humboldt, there were many German naturalists who risked nothing less than he did. Today they are often forgotten wrongly.

Alexander von Humboldt is considered the forefather of German naturalists. On his travels to America and Asia, he risked his life more than once - for example, while exploring the Andes or the Altai in Russia.

But even beyond Humboldt, German scientists and climbers in particular had a large share in the exploration of high mountains worldwide. Closely linked to the increasing popularity of alpinism in Europe, at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries they tapped the last white spots in the highest and most inaccessible mountain regions of the world.

Many of these pioneers and adventurers are now forgotten and only experts known. Their achievements, however, were the basis for scientists who came after them.

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