Preparation for the climate summit in Bali begins

UN conference discusses Kyoto successor agreements in Vienna

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Yesterday, a UN conference was started in Vienna, where around 1, 000 experts from all over the world are preparing the world climate conference in Bali in December. The focus of the Vienna Conference will be on consultations on key elements of international climate change agreements after 2012 and on a common working and timetable until 2009.


The climate conference in Bali is considered crucial for global climate protection. Because then the delegates have to agree on climate protection "to Kyoto". After years of skirmishing, the goal is to set a concrete roadmap for climate protection from December onwards, if possible with the participation of the USA, which has not yet signed the Kyoto Protocol. "We need a new climate protection agreement until 2009, which regulates the period after 2012. Time is short, "said Federal Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel. "We need to act now to prevent the worst of climate change. By the middle of the century, global greenhouse gas emissions will have to be halved compared to 1990 levels. "

EU: 30 percent reduction by 2020

The EU had already agreed in the spring under the German EU Presidency on a negotiating line for a climate change agreement after 2012: it is prepared to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2020 (compared to 1990), if other industrialized countries commit to comparable efforts and the Emerging economies contribute appropriately. According to the EU model, the group of industrialized countries should accept overall reduction commitments of 30 to 2020 and 60-80 percent by 2050 (compared to 1990).

Other important elements of the negotiating package are the expansion of the carbon market, much greater efforts to adapt to climate change, increased technology cooperation, the limitation of emissions from deforestation and aviation and shipping. The aim of the EU is also that the contracting parties in Bali agree on a common work schedule and timetable by 2009, which brings together the different negotiating strands. display

Financing at the center

One focus of the Vienna Conference is the discussion on the financing of mitigation and adaptation measures, especially in developing countries. The Climate Secretariat will present an analysis of existing and planned investment flows in the coming days. Financial mechanisms that steer these investment flows in a more climate-friendly direction have been a central theme of the last workshop under the so-called Convention Dialogue launched at the December 2005 World Climate Change Conference in Montreal. The convention dialogue officially ends in Bali. The EU wants to put the convention dialogue in Bali in a bargaining chip for the various negotiating elements.

(BMU, 28.08.2007 - NPO)