Voyager: Vanguard of humanity

The record space probes and their history

40 years ago, the Voyager spacecraft began their journey into the outer solar system - and beyond. NASA
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For 40 years, they have been exploring endless spaces and this in real life. The two Voyager space probes revolutionized our idea of ​​the outer solar system and flew through previously unexplored areas of the cosmos. Today, these pioneers are already further from Earth than any other man-made object.

On August 20, 1977, the first of the two Voyager probes launched into space - and began a journey that no one would have thought possible at the time. The spacecraft first visited all four outer planets of the solar system, revealing their supposedly cold, rigid moons as surprisingly dynamic worlds. The data and images of the Voyager probes have shaped and changed our image of the solar system like no other mission before and since.

The Voyager probes have been on the road for 40 years now - and they still work. Although their technology is hopelessly obsolete from today's perspective, the Voyager probes have defied all odds. They still send data back to Earth, even from the edge of our planetary system and from interstellar space.

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Nadja Podbregar
As of: 18.08.2017