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Special exhibition: The good is so close Volcanism in the Siebengebirge

Basalt columns on the Mount of Olives in the Siebengebirge © Renate Schumacher
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Several million years ago, volcanoes in the Rhenish Siebengebirge left powerful steam: Magma heaved his way up hotly and caused huge eruptions. Even though there is no sign of it today, the large variety of volcanic forms and rocks on the surface still testify to this. Until 21 October 2007, a special exhibition in Bonn will be dedicated to this troubled past.


The exhibition in the Mineralogical Museum of the University of Bonn presents the foundations for the creation of the Siebengebirge about 25 million years ago. A special focus is on local rocks and minerals, including wood opal and the gemstone sapphire. In addition, contributions from the Mineralogical Petrological and Geological Institutes provide insight into current research.

For example, there are new indications of the formation of Trachyttuffe near the famous Drachenfelses. These are therefore the result of an eruption in a lake between today's Petersberg and the Drachenfels. Another, but not yet completed, scientific collaboration with colleagues from Utrecht and Amsterdam deals with the finding of basalts on a sunken Roman ship and the question of whether these basalts could originate from occurrences of the Siebengebirge along the Rhine.

Visitors can also find out more about exciting topics such as the Siebengebirge on the left bank of the Rhine near Godesberg or take a look at the geological neighborhood of the Eastern Eifel. In addition, the special exhibition also highlights historical aspects such as the extraction of natural stones, which nearly killed the Drachenfels. In the course of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, the extraction of raw materials removed entire mountains and changed the landscape considerably. display

The good is so close - volcanism in the Siebengebirge

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