Which guns and rockets are safe?

High risk of injury due to careless handling of illegal fireworks

To ensure that the New Year's Eve fireworks run without accidents, they are best used only in Germany approved rockets and guns. © FreeImages.com / Patrizia Schiozzi
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Every year again: The turn of the year is to pop and sparks. However, with the colorful and loud fireworks, New Year's Eve also increases the risk of injury. Hand injuries and burns cause high activity in the operating room. Doctors and fireworks experts warn against igniting guns and rockets not approved in Germany.

With the launch of rockets and Böllern also in hospitals and operating theaters the high season begins: Surgeons have to special shifts to New Year's Eve, and most surgical teams are doubly occupied. The reason for this are injuries caused by improper handling of fireworks. Risky are also Böller, who were bought abroad, but are not admitted in Germany.

From hand to genital injuries

For the hands there is the greatest danger: "Most major hand injuries are caused by homemade Böller" says Andreas Eisenschenk of the German Society of Hand Surgery. "The most common are but injuries of one or more fingers and skin injuries, " said the doctor.

In extreme cases, illegal firecrackers can tear off fingers and make a whole hand unusable for the rest of their lives. In a New Year's Eve, a typical city hospital supplies about 60 injuries, such as severed fingers or phalanges, and five to ten serious injuries, such as a broken hand. But other parts of the body are also at risk, warns Eisenschenk: "If a boomer explodes near the head, it can also lead to eardrum destruction - and if they ignite in your pocket, to genital injuries."

Most often, doctors must treat young men up to the age of 25 years. The second major risk group is 50- to 60-year-old men. "Alcohol is often involved in both groups, " says Eisenschenk. "The more alcohol you have in your blood, the more reckless you become." After the turn of the year, the work of the surgeons is not over yet: New Year's Day is mainly attended by children who have been injured while collecting duds. display

Safe fireworks can be recognized by registration numbers

To prevent injuries, the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) expressly warns against fireworks without the necessary approval. Safe fireworks can be recognized by the registration number and the CE mark, together with the identification number of the test office.

Of 381 new products on the German market, the BAM has self-tested 53 products. The others bear the identification number of one of the other nine designated test centers in Europe.

This is what the numbers and letters on the fireworks packaging BAM mean

The first four digits of the registration number provide information on which notified body in Europe has audited the fireworks article. The identification number 0589 stands, for example, for the BAM. Also a German manual should B llern and rockets necessarily accompany. All the fireworks specified by the respective manufacturers in Germany and their registration numbers are listed in a BAM list and can be checked there in case of doubt.

"Buy your fireworks in Germany"

Even though the appraisals are spread across the EU and have uniform EU-wide standards, there are also differences from one country to another. In Germany, for example, it is only possible to buy fireworks of class F2 from the age of 18, and bangons intended for the German market may contain a maximum of six grams of black powder. Admixtures of the significantly more violent reactive lightning strike are not allowed for the usual consumer. Illegally provided with such a set of punches B ller are responsible for the most serious injuries.

Even keeping an overview of the current regulations is almost impossible for non-professionals: "Buying fireworks in other European countries and then moving, storing and using them in Germany can Therefore quickly become a violation of explosives legislation, "warns pyrotechnics expert Christian Lohrer of the BAM. "Therefore you buy your fireworks in Germany, if you want to burn it in Germany."

(German Society for Orthopedics and Traumatology (DGOU) / Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), 30.12.2015 - AKR)