How bees can help with hay fever - an interesting look into nature

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Propolis is an antimicrobial, resinous mass made from bees that, for example, lines the inside of the honeycomb cells for the brood. ©, PollyDot
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Anyone who suffers from allergies has a hard time. As soon as the first pollen fly through the air in spring, the symptoms begin. An ever-congested nose, sneezing, red or itchy eyes - each person responds with different symptoms due to their individual constitution, which turns plague at the end of hay fever. But nobody is completely helpless in this situation. Because there are natural remedies that can help alleviate the symptoms. Interestingly, it is the bees that fight hay fever.

How bees own nature

Research on pollen has shown that the intake of bee pollen in allergies can have positive effects. This may sound confusing at first, but since it's not directly about the pollen, the organism responds positively to the natural pollens. But for that it is necessary to prepare the body and strengthen it internally. It is rather a pollen cure whose ideal time is the winter months. During this time, there is no pollen count, the body is sensitized in a gentle way, to identify them later as pathogens. Thus, the immune system is strengthened from the inside, so as not to react so violently next spring. How much hay fever can be contained depends on the personal situation.

Strengthen the immune system with propolis and pollen

Propolis must also be mentioned in this context. This is the beeskin resin used by bees to seal the hive. This active ingredient is already effective in the hive disinfecting and protects the honey from harmful agents. This effect also applies to viruses, fungi and bacteria not only affects the bees, but also in the human immune system. Propolis drops, propolis capsules, honey or skin cream are used today. Humans have recognized the wonderful properties of propolis and use them meaningfully as a supplement to a healthy diet or to ward off pathogens. Thanks to these substances, which make bees with the collected substances from nature, man gets the strength to strengthen the immune system and to counteract hay fever. Even though the origin of these natural products comes directly from pollen. The hay fever is not amplified or caused. On the contrary: through the inner strengthening the first symptoms can be reduced. The power of nature is available as a drop. Auspreiser displays Propolis mouth drops and offers a clear preview of various sizes.

Get to the hay fever on the leash

Pollen and propolis contain a variety of important vitamins, free amino acids and vegetable protein. Amino acids are absorbed and utilized directly by the organism. Furthermore, pollen and propolis contain important B vitamins in high concentrations. A winter cure with the natural products of the bees strengthens the body for the coming spring.