Heat from the earth is booming

30, 000 new geothermal plants in 2008?

Geothermal energy DOE / NREL
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Smart people are heating with the earth. More and more people come in the face of rising oil and gas prices on the idea to seek the energy for heating and hot water on their own property. This makes it largely independent, is convenient, economical and makes the heating costs manageable over many years. This has now been pointed out by the "Bundesverband Geothermie" (GtV-BV).

In many fields of application, near-surface geothermal systems have long been economically superior to conventional systems. Their share in the newbuilding market has been steadily increasing for some years with high growth rates. According to GtV-BV, the fully-employed, growing, labor-seeking and investing industry expects around 30, 000 new plants in 2008. For comparison: In 2004, around 10, 000 geothermal probes, geothermal collectors and groundwater heat pumps were added nationwide.

The new funding opportunities of the federal government make an exchange of old oil and gas heating systems against geothermal systems also interesting for existing buildings.

Geothermal: Quality has its price

However, the design, planning and installation of such systems require special know-how. On the part of the "Federal Association Geothermal Energy", builders and homeowners are therefore repeatedly asked to take a close look at the companies in question regarding the reliability and quality of their work and not to compromise. Geothermal plants should be able to operate for many decades without significant problems. The rule is therefore: Quality has its price. Cheap is expensive.

Brochure "Geothermal probes - Tips for home builders"

No wonder, therefore, that the free brochure "Geothermal probes - Tips for home builders" has become a real hit. More than 55, 000 copies have been distributed since autumn 2005 and demand continues unabated. display

The booklet gives basic information about the operation and the structure of a correctly installed geothermal plant, answers questions about the selection of the heat pump and economy of the system and provides not least hints, what one recognizes a reputable provider.

Intensive seminar "near-surface geothermal energy"

For professionals, the GtV-BV, however, again offers an intensive seminar "near-surface geothermal energy - planning and construction of geothermal heat pump systems, geothermal probes, groundwater". It will take place on April 26, 2008 from 09:00 to 17:00 in the context of DENEX at the exhibition center in Kassel.

The speakers provide information about the most important guidelines and legal requirements as well as about geological and technical basics. However, they also report on the design of systems or the integration of the systems in the construction projects and provide an overview of the work with relevant software. In addition, the experts explain the possibilities of using geothermal heat for heating and cooling of buildings using selected examples.

For architects, planners, building contractors and heating trades, the course offers a comprehensive introduction to the subject. Some of the speakers have been involved in the development, planning and execution of geothermal systems for decades and are among the leading experts in this field.

(Geothermal Association - Bundesverband Geothermie, 01.04.2008 - DLO)